Industrial, Marine & Architectural Works


I. Professional line coatings for steel structures, industrial and marine applications:

Polyurethane solventborne coatings:

POLIFARB aliphatic top coating
POLIFARB-HB aliphatic high build coating
POLIFARB TRANSPARENT aliphatic clear coating

Polyurethane waterborne coatings:

POLYDROL aliphatic top coating
POLYDROL TRANSPARENT aliphatic clear coating


Epoxy solventborne coatings:

EPOFARB top coating
EPOFARB ZINC QP zinc rich primer
EPOFARB ZINC 55 zinc rich primer
EPOFARB ZPA zinc phosphate primer
EPOFARB Z1-HB zinc phosphate primer-intermediate
EPOFARB TAR high build tar coating
EPOPRIM EC pigmented primer
EPOPRIM clear primer

Epoxy waterborne coatings:

EPOFARB PW top coating
EPOFARB PW/HB high build coating
AQUAPRIMER EP70 zinc phosphate primer
EPOPRIM PW clear primer

Heat resistant & MIO solventborne coatings:

EPOFARB 9006 epoxy aluminum sunrays reflecting coating
SILICOFARB 600 silicone high heat resistant coating
METALFARB MIO micacious iron oxide coating

II. Marine & anti-fouling paints for boats & surfaces to be immersed:

RUBBERFARB Swimming pool paint
RUBBERFARB 100 chlorinated rubber top coating
RUBBERFARB HB chlorinated rubber high build primer
ANTI-FOULING LF50 copper-free for high speed boats
ANTI-FOULING DRP100 copper based for slow moving boats
ANTI-FOULING 56 copper-free for propellers & flaps
PRIMER 15 for propellers & flaps

III. Non toxic coatings for surfaces in contact with foodstuffs, beverages & potable water:

VERFLEX ES-AL epoxy solvent-free coatings
EPOFARB PW epoxy waterborne coating
EPOPRIM PW epoxy waterborne clear primer sealer
AQUAPRIMER EP70 epoxy waterborne antirust primer

IV. Wood varnish for parquet floors, wood work & furniture:

HYDROLUX GLOSS VARNISH polyurethane 1k Waterborne clear varnish
HYDROLUX SATIN VARNISH polyurethane 1k Waterborne clear varnish

V. Architectural high performance waterborne protective coverings:

MEHLPLAST acrylic fine textured vapor permeable coating
TRAVERTINO acrylic / siliceous / cementitious coating
DUCALE STUCCO lime natural venetian stucco
DUCALE PAINT lime natural venetian paint
UNIPRIMER acrylic waterborne multipurpose primer

VI. Decorative innovative waterborne paints of luxurious Italian styles:

FARBEL STUCCO antique venetian stucco
VEICOT Coccio Pesto ancient renaissance finish
VEICOT PEARL silver & gold grained Phoenician finish
MADREPERLA pearly velvet metallic fine grained finish
MADREPERLA GLITTER pearly glittering finish
SHARAZADE silver & gold pearly nacreous grain finish
SHARAZADE LUX gold & bronze pearl metallic effect
SETTEVELLI ancient glazes gold & silver chiaroscuro
MURANO venetian renaissance pearly vibrant finish
DECORIN patine veiling finish
FONDO VEICOT acrylic base for decorative finishes
ACRILFARB acrylic class 1 washable paint
ISOFARB-ACR/P acrylic pigmented primer
STUCCO PER MURI acrylic putty for walls & wood
ISOFARB-ACR acrylic clear primer sealer
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